AbuseIO 4.0 Release

After a little delay removing a final bug and adding a few more improvements we’re happy to announce the release of AbuseIO 4.0. Introducing AbuseIO 4.0 AbuseIO 4.0 is a full rewrite of the original 3.1 code and except for the core logic just about everything has been changed. We’d like to highlight some of…

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Announcing the first FIAT! event

On Friday, February 5th, 2016 the AbuseIO foundation organizes the event, Fight Internet Abuse Together! (FIAT!), Packed with tips and tricks to effectively combat abuse. FIAT! starts at 10:00 and will close at 20.30. Thanks to BIT, Quarantainenet and SpamExperts this event free to all visitors including lunch, dinner and drinks. The presentations giving by…

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NLNOG Presentation online

If you missed the NLNOG online streams two weeks ago, don’t worry: All the presentations have been uploaded onto YouTube for further reference. Our talk should give some more insight on the system and future plans. We will also be attending the Holland Strikes Back conference on 27 October in The Hague and presenting a…

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Developers of 3.0 : THANK YOU !

This is for you, AbuseIO Developers! Thank you for all of the long hours, late nights and early mornings you’ve spent coding to build up our latest production release. Since we can’t say thank you enough, I managed to arrange a little gift that shipped out today for everyone that commited.

Spreading the word

Two weeks ago we started by announcing the existence of our project to the NLNOG and ABUSENL communities and we are still getting good feedback on AbuseIO. It seems well received within the general internet community. Yesterday we started by spreading the word about our project into the world, starting with a blogposting at BIT.…

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Launching AbuseIO

In December 2014 i decided to launch this project under an Open Source license and since then everything is moving really fast. The amount of interest and support for this project is much greater then i’d even hoped for, which is really a good thing ;) Development of AbuseIO already surpassed my initial goals for…

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