Name:                Stichting AbuseIO
Type:                Registered Non-profit Foundation
IBAN:                NL57 KNAB 0729 5775 89
BIC:                 KNABNL2H
Chamber of Commerce: 63234955
RSIN Registration:   855149012
VAT Registration:    -

Address:             Galileilaan 19
                     6716 BP Ede

IRC / Chat server

The best way for directly contacting us is using IRC (server:, channel: #abuseio). It will give you the opportunity to ask questions directly in case you run into troubles. Please note that it sometimes can take somewhat longer for others to respond to your question. In case you need to paste a large text (examples, configs, etc) please do not put them on IRC directly, but use pastebin instead. And do not forget to anonimize any texts.

Mailing list

To contact the developers we’ve created a mailing list, which is open for everybody.

To subscribe to the mailing list, send a blank e-mail to
or to unsubscribe, send a blank e-mail to

If you have any problems with the mailing list, you can contact


If you have NON-technical (‘press’) related questions you can send an e-mail to and one of the project leaders will get in touch with you.