Get involved

Without the support from the community, there can’t be a AbuseIO to start with! There are many ways in which you can help keep the project going, for example with sharing a patch, reporting issues, adding your knowledge to our wiki, creating information texts for end users or helping out on the mailing lists and IRC channel. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

Reporting issues

We use the GitHub Issue Tracker for change requests, bug reports or other issues with AbuseIO. If you haven’t submitted an issue on github ever before you might want to check our Getting Support page first as it would explain how issues should be reported to us.

Submitting patches

Created a patch or add-on? Great! We love to see your merge request with detailed information on what your patch does, how we can test and implement it. If you merge is about an existing issue then please include that information as well.

Joining the development team

Considering spending a lot of time coding for AbuseIO? Then consider joining our development team. Developers with a long history of submitting high-quality patches can gain direct commit rights. This is obviously beneficial to the developer community — where it concerns quality developers: “the more, the merrier”! But never underestimate how valuable this experience can be to you personally and professionally too.

When you become a member of the core development team we will provide you with licenses for PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEA to aid you in your work. These licenses were kindly provided by JetBrains.

Creating documentation and information texts

Found incomplete or incorrect documentation? Then please create an issue to report your feedback on the matter. It would be greate when you create a complete request and e.g. supply a replacement text, so we can update our documentation accordingly.