Privacy Statement

Privacy declaration of the AbuseIO foundation

The AbuseIO foundation ( creates open source, self hosted, free to use, internet abuse management software (The Software). In supplying The Software the foundation does not process any personal data and as a result this privacy declaration is not applicable. The foundation operates a service that gathers, correlates and aggregates information on internet abuse in The Netherlands (The Service). This privacy declaration is applicable for The Service.

The foundation processes IP addresses and URI’s (The Identifiers). Information regarding abuse coming from The Identifiers and vulnerabilities on The Identifiers (The Abuse Data) is being processed. The Identifiers and The Abuse Data (The Data) are supplied by internet abuse notifiers and are being processed with the aim to fight abuse on the internet. The processed data is shared with the Nationale Beheersorganisatie Internet Providers foundation (NBIP – NBIP operates the information system that runs The Software. NBIP shares The Data with the network operator(s) and/or registrar that owns, routes or registered The Identifiers. These operators and registrars facilitate internet abuse and therefor have an interest in having knowledge on The Data. These operators and registrars are in a position to stop the internet abuse. Blocking internet abuse increases the security and stability of the internet which is a legitimate interest and the legal basis for processing The Data. Both the foundation as NBIP observe secrecy with regarding The Data and do not share The Data with any third parties besides the network operators and registrars. The foundation provides sufficient technical and organizational measures with regard to the security of The Data. The foundation does not store The Data.