AbuseIO Foundation

AbuseIO is a registered non-profit (ANBI) Foundation in the Netherlands and as such we are required by law to publish information regarding the Foundation and how funds are spend. AbuseIO is known under the dutch RSIN number 855149012 and with the chamber of commerce registration number 63234955.

Goals and what we do

Our goal is to provide resources that help to combat internet abuse. We will try to achieve this by:

  • Create Open Source Software (OSS) and tools based on Open Standards to help manage and detect abuse and help users to resolve internet abuse. This software must be easily installable and for anyone to use, from end users to large network operators or ISP’s
  • Represent the interests of the abuse community
  • Provide Education on combating internet abuse and promote the usage of resources to combat internet abuse.

The Board

The board’s goals will be to facilitate the project to keep development going and to promote the use of AbuseIO. The board will not dictate the tenor of development.

The board currently consists of:

  • Alex de Joode (chairman)
  • Wido Potters (secretariat and treasurer)
  • Bart Vrancken

The technical committee

In addition to the board that runs the foundation we are setting up a technical committee. This committee will be responsible for the direction in which development moves and will have a final say in development choices.

This committee is currently still being formed and their members will be published as soon as the committee is formed.

Funding and Spending

For funding we are totally depending on grants, donations and the user community of our software.

  • All the funding that we receive will benefit the development and related goals as described
  • The board does not receive compensation (salary) for their work in the foundation. Only travel expenses made beneficial to the goals may be compensated. Costs regarding (board) meetings are exempted from compensation.
  • We don’t have any employees directly in service, but we do hire freelance developers to aid the development of our software and tools. The board will consider all applications of developers that can produce the required code and quality we require.
  • We provide bounty prices to (volunteer) developers who fully build parts according to specification and requirements.
  • We try to use our funds at the most efficient way so we can build as much as possible.


We try to publish as much information as possible on our Blog, Twitter and GIT pages on our current activities.

Annual reports

The foundation was founded in May 2015 and applied for a donation from the SIDN Fund. The fund application (in Dutch) is available as a download.

Late 2015 the SIDN Fund kindly rewarded the application. In December 2015 the foundation started spending the funds made available by the SIDN Fund. The donation itself was transferred to the AbuseIO Foundation early 2016 however. Therefore the 2015 annual report has a deficit. That was however foreseen and since the donation was transferred a few days later in 2016 of no worries for the board of the foundation.

The 2015 annual report can be downloaded here.
The 2016 annual report can be downloaded here.
The 2017 annual report can be downloaded here.
The 2018 annual report can be downloaded here.
The 2019 annual report can be downloaded here.
The 2020 annual report can be downloaded here.
The 2021 annual report can be downloaded here.
The 2022 annual report can be downloaded here.