Publication of budget and SIDN Fund application

In our previous blog we have announced with great joy that AbuseIO has been rewarded a contribution from the SIDN Fund. The contribution will enable us to work even faster on our ambitious goal: with AbuseIO there are no excuses for any provider to accept abuse. But this goal will not be achieved easily, many hours of writing code and development will be ahead. Since the birth of AbuseIO 3.0 a lot of company users and volunteers have spent hours and hours working on the next release. We cannot tell often enough how much we appreciate these efforts.

The current road map, which should be finished before 2017, is estimated on at least 1400 hours of coding. Two companies, one of them being Tilaa, have plight to contribute to around a total of 300 hours of development time. Which is great! More contributions of volunteers are expected. Which is even better! Help of more company supporters is welcome, in finances, code, road map lay out or a combination. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. And finally some of the coding will be done by hired developers, financed by the Fund. More on that subject in blogs to be expected.

A more detailed view on the foreseen budget is available in the SIDN Fund application, in Dutch. As you can see in the application, the current road map only includes major goals. We are still in the process of constituting a technical commitee. One of the main responsibilities of this committee will be deciding on a more detailed road map. Please consider this opportunity and read more here.