Exciting times for AbuseIO: fund awarded and road map to be laid out

The board of the AbuseIO Foundation is very pleased to announce that the AbuseIO project will receive a considerable contribution from the SIDN Fund. The Fund which stands for ‘a strong internet for all’ has been established in 2014. Their objective is to provide financial support to ideas and projects that aim to make the internet stronger or that use the internet in innovative ways.


AbuseIO has been awarded in the first tranche of a series of contributions from the Fund. Out of a total of more than 200 requests, AbuseIO together with 20 other projects has been honored. Obviously we are pleased and proud with this contribution which will enable AbuseIO to improve the quality of the code and the usability of the software, to increase the functionality, and to broaden the user base. The software will be brought to version 6.0 in three releases. Our ambition is to complete this goal before the end of the year 2016.

In April 2015 the main developers and end users, both access- as hosting-providers, have written a roadmap for the software for the coming 18 months. The main components of this road map are:

  • rewrite the code to the MVC framework Laravel in order to create a sustainable code base;
  • rewrite the code to make it modular in order to enable reusing modules in different software;
  • increase the number of parsers to support more available feeds;
  • create a RPC interface to be able to exchange data with other information systems;
  • create a command line interface to be able to improve tooling;
  • create a statistics component which will improve analysis by end users and will enable optional information sharing with researchers;
  • increase the number of end users by promoting the software.

We greatly appreciate the SIDN Fund’s support, which helps us to complete this ambitious road map.

For now the board’s priority is to improve the foundation’s base. In a previous blog post we have requested new board members, technical committee members and developers. The technical committee and developers will further detail the roadmap with support of the new board. Be sure to check out the possibilities to contribute to AbuseIO in these exiting times of the project!