AbuseIO Foundation, board members and developers wanted

With AbuseIO growing rapidly I needed to make sure the project can keep up with the demand and I want to guarantee some kind of continuity in development. Therefore I decided to move this project into a non-profit foundation.

With the help from the interim board, consisting of Alex de Joode, Wido Potters and myself, we are in the process of laying the groundwork of this new organisation. In addition we are in a position to request funding to greatly improve and expand our project. The board’s goals will be to facilitate the project to keep development going and to promote the use of AbuseIO. The board will not dictate the tenor of development.

Board members wanted

To finalize our permanent board we are looking for several persons that are willing to help our foundation. Everyone is allowed to submit their interest. The interim board will choose which persons are best suited for the open positions, which are based on (but not limited to) their affiliation in the Abuse and or ISP/Hosting community and their ability to assist the project.

Technical Committee members wanted

In addition to the board that runs the foundation we are setting up a technical committee. This committee will be responsible for the direction in which development moves and will have a final say in development choices.

To qualify for a technical committee member position, you need to:

  • represent or be nominated by a sponsor of the project, or
  • represent a group of ISP members, or
  • have several years of experience with handling abuse, and
  • have (technical) ideas that should be included in the project (this does not mean you need experience as an developer).

Please place your expression of interest in any of the board positions into an email for bestuur@abuse.io.

Developers wanted

If we receive funding then we need a few developers that we can hire! We are now looking for several developers we can either hire on a hourly base or developers who are interested in building specific blocks of code/features on a fixed price (bounty).

To qualify for a paid developer position, you need to:

  • be able to work on your own, supervised by the lead developers delivering requested code snippets,
  • have some communication skills, to interact with existing community volunteer developers and coordinate development,
  • be able to write in English and have a professional coding style,
  • be able to spend large amount of hours coding over a fixed period of time (e.g. several months), or enough time to build an specific part of the code,
  • have several years of experience with the Laravel MVC framework and be able to show your knowledge at an interview,
  • preferable have some experience with Abuse Management,
  • preferable have some knowledge about the current code base and roadmap.

Developers that are interested can send an e-mail with their CV and motivation in PDF to bart@abuse.io.