Development of 4.0 officially started

After a bit of toying around with a Laravel branch for AbuseIO we are now officially starting development for the next release which will be based on Laravel. With a bit of luck we should be able to release the next version in November and keep up the promise of a 6-month release cycle.

Last Tuesday several lead developers sat down to discuss the layout and requirements of the next version. The coming weeks these will be implemented and documented so other developers can use these specifications to continue their own development of add-ons.

Partial list of features/changes that are planned for the next release:

– Use Laravel Framework,
– Convert parsers to standalone classes available through Packagist,
– Add JSON-RPC for interaction, as well as downstreaming notifications to other instances,
– Add support for handling domains, both for matching tickets as well as for notifications to both IP as Domain owner(s),
– Add language templates with the ability to (partially) override views,
– Add language field mapping on information data sets,
– Update aggregation engine to speed up the handling of large amounts to data sets,
– Add filtering options on input as well as output handling,
– Add support for incoming notifications using native support for POP3, IMAP, etc.,
– Add more options for analytics,
– Add a CLI-interface,
– Add install scripts/packages for simplified installation.

We have decided to discontinue active development on the 3.x branch and only implement urgent fixes that are needed for people that are running this version in production. If you are using a GIT checkout, please update your running checkout to use the AbuseIO-3.0 branch, as the master has been set to AbuseIO-4.0 branch!