Launching AbuseIO

In December 2014 i decided to launch this project under an Open Source license and since then everything is moving really fast. The amount of interest and support for this project is much greater then i’d even hoped for, which is really a good thing ;) Development of AbuseIO already surpassed my initial goals for this release and has some nice additions. To quote one of my co-workers “First abuse, then world peace” … well i think i will be covering the abuse part at least ;)

Today we officially switched out our trusted gitlab environment for a github account and a much nicer project website. There is nothing wrong with gitlab, but most of the developers already have github accounts and the only reason we used gitlab was to protect te source until we had removed all code that was specificly build for BIT. Keep in mind we are still migrating into the new project website and some areas might not have been completed yet, but the code itself has been fully migrated into github.

With the deadline in April for the 3.0 release is getting closer every day, it’s still a lot of work dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Still with the help from other developers from the AbuseIO community i am confident we’re still on for April. Until then we are starting to label some enhancements for the next (3.1) release and continue moving forward. And if the community keeps growing as it does now … well who knows, we actually might end up with world peace!