FIAT! – a successful internet abuse event

Friday Februari 5th we organised an event named Fight Internet Abuse Together! aka FIAT! The AbuseIO foundation would like to thank everyone, especially our sponsors BIT, QuarantaineNet, the SIDN Fund and SpamExperts, for their contribution to this successful first event!

We hope all attendees enjoyed this event and gained extra knowledge to combat abuse in their network from these (technical) presentations. During the event we received very positive feedback on the event. Please tell us about your FIAT!2016 experience at All your feedback and suggestions for another event will be greatly appreciated.


We received a lot of questions regarding streaming and whether the presentations would be put online. Most of the presentations are not for publication, and therefore we did not arrange any kind of stream and most presentations will not but be published on our website. In addition to these restrictions we also want to focus on the social event, networking and interaction.

However the following presentations are the freely available (although some of the protected slides might have been removed):

Onderzoek en detectie van misbruikte shared hosting, Jan-Pieter Cornet, XS4ALL

Onderzoek van een gecompromitteerd systeem, Michael Boelen, Cisofy


And there wasn’t a party until there are pictures of it. While we were not able to take a lot of them, these would give you a nice impression of the event: